Why I won’t wear a skirt…

I don’t want to wear a skirt. I’m a man! Men don’t wear skirts! FFS! However, the more important question is… why?

The simple answer is that wearing a skirt would bring unwelcome attention onto myself. People would think I was odd or even wonder about my sexuality!

The horror!

My attitude is symptomatic of a greater issue. One of social control. A skirt is just a piece of fabric. A style of clothing that has become, for whatever reason, gender-specific in my culture.

I would love to live in a world where wearing a skirt or any clothing of any style didn’t have gender specific tags. We should be able to look any way we want, shouldn’t we?

What’s it got to do with anyone else? NOTHING!

And yet, I don’t have the remotest desire to wear a skirt, which is simply because I’ve been forced into a male gender stereotype since the day I was born–the same day my penis was noted and my gender entered into appropriate box on the official form.

The same day I was put on an inescapable path of gender control.

Why a skirt?

I chose a skirt as an illustration simply because it’s also a gender specific word that refers to entirety of one sex. And in a derogatory way that only sees that gender in terms of sexual availability. To treat them as just objects… as just skirt. But I’m refering to any gender-specific clothing.


Humans have a range of sexualities and ‘genders’. All are normal–in the sense that our sexual diversity has been around humans ever since we became humans. It’s natural for us to be diverse–in every way. It’s led to our success as a species. I have absolutely no problem with people being who they want to be–and would campaign on their behalf to be given that basic freedom.

I personally don’t have any gender issues. I’m not trapped in the wrong body. Sexually and genderwise, I’m happy with who I am. But I do wonder if part of who I think I am, and who you think you are, is not who we ‘actually are’–because our thoughts and attitudes have been molded and controlled from the start-off.

This worries me because:

1. Some of us are put so tightly into a gender box that we are too frightened to push against it. To dare to be different. Or to prevent us from even wondering about being different and how that might enrich or enlighen us culturally, sexually or mentally–no matter to what degree that ‘difference’ might be.

2. It limits our ability to see things from the other side. Especially against the backdrop of such generalisations as: ‘All women are like…’, ‘all men are like…’ and all gays are like… etc. Gender can, in effect, isolate us and our thinking. Making us less creative and, unfortunately, less tolerant.

3. Gender control is used to actively discriminate against one sex and differing sexualities and genders.

4. There are a range of genders out there that don’t fit into such a tight binary system.

Okay, so what do we do?

I don’t have any answers, other than I believe gender is the next big freedom movement. It has to be.

We need to end gender for good. I’m not saying that we should all dress in the same uniform, but all genders should merge into one. With no gender box on the official form of our birth. Where individuality rules the day. Where our names, clothing and look can be anything we want them to be without it being an issue.

Will this happen? Yes, I believe it will.

It will have to happen in the same way that slavery had to be abolished and women had to be allowed to vote and have more fulfilling careers (of course I fully realise this is an ongoing change. We are not even close to ending discrimination on a range of fronts in the world, even in the so-called ‘civilised’ areas.)

The future, I strongly believe, will look back at our gender-centric ways in disbelief. And quite-rightly so.

Will I change my writing style to incoprporate a non-gender world?

It’s an interesting idea. Writing not only has to make people think, but it also has to reflect the people who read it. But it’s certainly something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

So I know all this… why won’t I wear a skirt?

Because, simply, I don’t want to. I’m a man… and men don’t wear skirts! And as much as I am an ‘enlightened soul’, I’m still the product of my cultural upbringing. And that, right there, is the heart of the present problem.




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